Hell's Rebels

Episode XIX - Field Trip

Under the cover of night the group and Setrona journeyed out of the city to visit a small temple of a sea goddess that Setrona believed her brother might be hiding in. We arrived with no trouble and were greeted by two dirty, hippie clerics. After Setrona told them she was there to see her brother they let us into a secret basement under the temple. It was a bit flooded and smelly but we persevered. Also the basement had an anti-divination spell on it to keep people from finding the Lictor.

In the basement there was a riddle, it was a super easy riddle, to pass into a hallway. The hallway led to a cemetery-esque room with the cloth-wrapped bodies of drowned sailors. Also Lictor Octavio was there. He informed us that while most of the order of the torrent managed to escape after the proclamation was made, several of his armijers were captured. He offered us a deal, rescue the armijers and gain the support of the order of the torrent. We agreed and he gave us his sword with some backstory on it so that his armijers would know he sent us and that it was not a trick of house Thrune.

Octavio also told us why he thinks the order was outlawed. As the order in charge of finding missing persons they had been looking into the disappearance of the former mayor of Kintargo. They were starting to suspect she had been kidnapped by house Thrune and was being held in the opera house (?). Their inquiries were not appreciated by house Thrune. Also we received some intel on where the armijers might be

Sword in hand we returned to the city, with one minor skirmish with some guards, and started looking into rescuing the armijers. Though we discovered one of them was being held in the dog house, the rest were in a prison. We decided we should rescue all of them at once from the prison, which meant making sure the one in the dog house lived till the end of the week so that he could be taken back to the prison.

The group sent in an invisible and odorless danar to deliver some food and healing to the armijer in the doghouse. Thanks to that the armijer lasted the week and was returned to the prison.



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