Hell's Rebels

Episode XX - Enhanced Interrogation techniques

Prison Break

Now that the armijers were all in one place the group simply needed to break them out of the prison. In preparation for this the group decided to take a slightly sneaky route to breaking them out. First the group bought Danar some forging tools and had him forge some transfer documents for the prisoners. Second the group decided to disguise some of their members as mercenaries, and have Kalos deliver the forgery with his mercenary guards.

Everything started to seem like it was going to plan when the warden decided she wanted to talk with Kalos. It really looked like our cover might be blown but it turned out that she just wanted to talk and she might have been “interested” in Kalos. After a short discussion, she let him know that all but one of the armijers could be given to him. The one that couldn’t was the one that was still being interrogated. She apologized for the inconvenience and said that if he came back in a day he could probably retrieve the last armijer. Not wanting to give anyone additional time to uncover the forgery Kalos insisted on being taken to the interrogator.

The warden called for one of the guards to escort the group to the interrogation room. When we arrived we discovered that the interrogation room was a torture chamber and that the interrogator was a Kyton, an outsider from the plane of shadow. The escort waited outside. The group initially tried to talk the Kyton into letting us take the armijer, but when that failed we ended up resorting to fighting her. We managed to take her down after a short fight.

With the interrogator taken care of we grabbed the remaining armijers and delivered them to Setrona. Setrona thanked us on behalf of Octavio.

When the group returned to the longroads we discovered that our rebellion headquarters had become cramped, and we needed a larger one. After a bit of searching for rumors the group discovered that there were some devil worshiping cults in the city and maybe one of them had a large HQ. The group also heard rumors of a blue dragon flying around the temple of asmodeus and that the order of torrent was outlawed because it had been taken over by the grey spiders, a long dead thieves guild. But it was tax day so the group decided to celebrate for a day before continuing the search.



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