Hell's Rebels

Episode XXI - Flirtng with One Eye

While out celebrating tax day, Ruk was approached by a woman wearing an eye patch. She seemed interested in what Ruk did for a living. She claimed to be a baker but some of the things she said seemed suspicious. So while he flirted with her, he didn’t really try to lead her on. As Ruk was leaving he became aware of another woman watching him.

The next day the group followed up on a lead that about a possible new HQ. It was in an abandoned lot with a mostly torn down building that apparently used to belong to the Grey Spiders. In the rubble the group found a secret door that led to a basement. the basement contained trash monsters called Otyugh. The group started fighting them and found themselves aided by the second mysterious woman Ruk saw the day before. After the fight she introduced herself as Pythiryia. She explained that she was tracking the other woman and believed she was a devil worshiper using this building as a base of operations.

The now slightly bigger group ventured down a flight of stairs and discovered a group of changeling cultists. The group managed to take most of them out, two turned invisible and escaped. After that the group started searching the place and found an old man in a closet. The man turned out to be a faceless stalker, and he got a bit stabby. Deciding that they could venture a bit farther before resting, the group had a delightful time trying to disarm a trapped pit. And then they tried to fight a bearded devil.

The fight with the bearded devil did not go well. Ruk charged in alone and eventually got his head chopped off. Portia got knocked out, Kalos was absent, and Pythiryia had no offensive spells. Even if She had offensive spells, it might not have mattered because Danar discovered it had SR. The only reason the rest of the group got out alive was that Danar decided to use a bead of force that he had acquired from some treasure a while back. The bead killed the bearded devil.

After a little bit of healing the group left the dungeon to come back at a later time.



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