Hell's Rebels

Episode XVI - Kill it with fire!

Here be spiders

After a restful night of sleep in a room next to a punch of dead bodies, the group (now sans Kalos but regaining Pip) decided that the best course of action would be to buff themselves up with magic and quickly rush through the rest of the building taking out any remaining guards before searching for the safehouse. Unfortunately, Danar decided color spray would be a good choice for his only offensive first level spell during this run despite being aware that the remaining guards were likely mostly undead.

The group first encountered a group of 5 zombies. Thankfully, Ruk was able to dispatch 3 of them by himself and did the final takedown of a fourth after Danar had weakened it with a disrupt undead spell and a melee attack. Danar killed the final zombie with a crit with his falchion. Pip tried to stab and shoot some of the zombies before discovering his attacks were ineffective and started trying to use combat aid anothers.

After that the group fought two skeletons, These were nasty pieces of work who dealt high damage and were pretty hard to hit. When Danar realized he probably couldn’t hit them with his disrupt undead spells he used his quick study exploit to switch out a prepared spell with burning hands (a full round action). This unfortunately took so much time that by the time he was ready to cast his two allies had been knocked out. So they totally missed him burning the two skeletons to a crisp with a single spell. Danar then used his two potions of cure light wounds to wake Ruk back up, who then used all his healing to revive Pip.

After that the group got distracted by a display of dead lobster things, wasting a few rounds shooting the tank open. The lobsters were not reanimated.

Then the group fought a small army of eight spiders. During the fight both Pip and Danar were bitten and started suffering strength damage. But the combat ended quickly when Danar killed 6 of the spiders with burning hands and Ruk and Pip both killed one.

After that, Ruk and Danar killed some sleeping undead mermaid type things. The whole group looted the place finding several magical (none of which Danar could identify) and/or valuable items. and decided to rest another night before using the secret passageway they found.

Down in the safehouse, the group encountered a Magic book outsider (Scrivener?). From it they learned that the redactors had invaded the safehouse, killing and/or subdueing the archivists, and were still there. The group ended up having to fight the outsider becuase it was loyal to the redactors. It was a tough fight Danar hit the thing with 3 burning hands to take it down. In that room the group found more magical (none of which Danar could identify) and/or valuable items.



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