Hell's Rebels

Episode XVII - A Suspicious Overabundence of Linen Closets

I’m going to try updating the log up to current times. Because its been a long time I might have forgotten some stuff, or get it out of order. I’m going to be making several posts for the catch up.

After defeating the Scrivener we decided to rest once more before venturing further into the basement, mostly because we needed to heal and regain spells. The whole party (Pip, Ruk, Kalos, and Danar) was there.

First we encountered a small group of redactors with a helldog. We managed to defeat them with a very small amount of help from a halfling rogue that was being held prisoner by them. He claimed he was there trying to raid the place. After a bit of talking he agreed to help us clear out the place in exchange for some of the loot.

After discovering another group or two of redactors and a shocking number of linen closets, we came across a room covered in chains. The chains all connected to a black, evil looking box. which we later identified as having some sort of connection to a hell dimension (I remember we figured out which one but can’t remember the name, feel free to edit in the name if you know it.) We also found evidence that a copy of the book of the damned used to be stored in the hideout. The book of the damned is a powerful artifact that contains knowledge of all the worlds evil.

We then opened the door to the final room in the dungeon, inside was a woman, a big scary dude, and several redactors. This was a very close battle, especially since the woman was tough as nails and almost started summoning reinforcements. Thankfully we were able to shut that down by interrupting her spell-like ability casting with an acid arrow to the face. Unfortunately, she killed pip. And when we did manage to knock her out, we didn’t do a good enough job because she woke up and teleported out.

We then raided the place, found some cool things like soul tomes and various magic items. Also we found proof that rexus’ parents were dead



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