Hell's Rebels

Episode XXII - Captain's Log

After the death of their friend, Ruk, the group decided to rest at the tooth and nail where they were approached by a woman. She was the first mate of a ship whose captain, Cassius Sargaeta, was requesting the help of the Silver Ravens.

The Ravens went to the ship, the Scourge of Belial, in order to talk to the captain. The captain informed the group that his “friend” was being held prisoner by his “friend’s” father. The captain told the group that he wanted them to deliver a message to his “friend” and bring back his response.

Since it seemed like a fairly simple covert delivery and item retrieval mission, Danar decided to go in alone. Under the cover of night using a combo of invisibility, negate aroma, and his dimensional slide ability, Danar snuck past a Cerberus guarding the “friend’s” family mansion. Once he delivered the message, he discovered that the response was, in fact, the “friend” himself, a moderately disabled poet. Though intimidated by the task of escorting a person past a Cerberus, Danar manages to pull it off without raising alarms.

The grateful captain thanks us for saving his lover by giving us 8 favors.

Upon next returning to the tooth and nail the group meets a tiny halfling that looked like a doll, her name was miss Edith and she was sent by Laria to help the group. They also see Lictor Octavio who brings a hellknight in training, Auros, to help the group. All together, the group travels back into the den of the grey spiders, the lucky bones.



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