Hell's Rebels


After clearing out the Phantasmagoriam. The group laid Pip to rest and, respectfully, looted his body for anything worth a copper piece. We then had the uncomfortable task of informing Rexus that his parents were dead. It didn’t go so well.

Deciding that character deaths was no reason to not keep going the group decided that it was finally time to take care of the Red Jills. The Jills were a gang of harpies located at an old church (?). While preparing to take them down we encountered a mysterious woman in a hood and mask. It looked super cool, we were all impressed. She referred to herself as the Silver Raven. We informed her that she might encounter some copyright issues with that name.

Anyway she then helped us take down the Red Jills, and then helped us loot all the treasure in the belfry. We thought she was so interesting that we wanted to know if she would be willing to help us with other good deeds in or around the city. She agreed and then after a LOOOOONG time talking about the logistics for coordinated efforts we went our separate ways.

When we got back to the long roads we realized something was up. Rexus was drinking heavily and was not taking his medicine. It was worrying us all. Kalos managed to comfort him some though.

Then we decided that we were going to investigate what was going on with the order of the torrent, which had been outlawed via proclamation. We managed to find the order’s leader’s sister, Setrona. Once we clued her into who we were and that we were willing to help the order of the torrent she asked our help finding her brother so that she could know he was safe and eventually get him back into the city. We agreed to help and started gearing up for a jaunt out of the city.



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