Hell's Rebels

Episode XXIV- Sit down, this is an intervention

After returning to the surface, the group discovered that Thrune was planning on holding a public event to thank the silver ravens for their work to benefit the city. fearful that it was a trap and that the group was facing the troubles of treating their newfound addictions. the group decided to send in an illusion of the Silver Raven (Portia) rather than attend themselves.

When the event started, outside the church of Asmodeus, the bells rang five times. no clue if that was important. just taking note that it happened. There was some short speeches. Thrune offered some gifts to the Silver Raven, but because she was an illusion she couldn’t take them.

After the event and we finished treating the addictions, except Kalos’s (he gave into the addiction and is probably still doing drugs somewhere), the group (sans Kalos) went back down into the lucky bones. In the lucky bones the group finished off the last of the cultists got past the xorn room and killed some ghouls in the room leading to the sub basement.

Also while clearing out the base the group found some deeds belonging to Molly Mayapple, a business woman living in Vyre who appears to have been the target of the grey spiders for an extortion scheme using the deeds. unfortunately for the Grey Spiders, they were wiped out before they could do so.

Realizing the sub-basement was flooded and Danar didn’t have his water exploration spells equipped, the group decided to wait until the next day to explore the sub-basement.



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