Hell's Rebels

Episode XXV- Scummy waters

With the new day and new spells the group descended into the flooded subbasement. With danar in the lead, weirdly enough. In the first room the group encountered some Scum, who are evil fish people. After a short fight where we all learned a lot about 3d fighting, the group emerged victorious. In the second room we encountered some shell sentinel, gave us a real run for our money. Barely surviving the fight and with many of us suffering from significant wisdom damage, the group decided that we should temporarily retreat from the sub basement.

some days later, when we had finished recovering, the group ventured back down into the waters. Further exploration revealed a group of watery tarts (sea elves), who were being held prisoner by the scum. The watery tarts had been heading towards Kintargo to seek out the aid of Senshin in the fight against an aboloeth that was plaguing their city. After we released the watery tarts and got them safely upstairs we started exploring farther.

We encountered a few more scum, one of whom was a wizard, in a large room with a submerged pier. we encountered a devilfish in a tunnel leading to the city sewers. we encountered a blubber monster thing in a room that seemed to be an old bathroom, also discovering a machine of some sort near there. Lastly, we fought a drowning devil in a room leading out into the river.

Near the drowning devil the group found writings that told them the name of the location the aboloeth was staying: the drowned eye.

After studying the machine found near the blubber-thing a bit, Danar determined it was meant to pump water out of the sub-basement but that it was broken. The group had hetamon start repairing the machine as they made searched the sub-basement for any unseen treasure in the sub-basement.



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