Hell's Rebels

Episode XVI - Kill it with fire!
Here be spiders

After a restful night of sleep in a room next to a punch of dead bodies, the group (now sans Kalos but regaining Pip) decided that the best course of action would be to buff themselves up with magic and quickly rush through the rest of the building taking out any remaining guards before searching for the safehouse. Unfortunately, Danar decided color spray would be a good choice for his only offensive first level spell during this run despite being aware that the remaining guards were likely mostly undead.

The group first encountered a group of 5 zombies. Thankfully, Ruk was able to dispatch 3 of them by himself and did the final takedown of a fourth after Danar had weakened it with a disrupt undead spell and a melee attack. Danar killed the final zombie with a crit with his falchion. Pip tried to stab and shoot some of the zombies before discovering his attacks were ineffective and started trying to use combat aid anothers.

After that the group fought two skeletons, These were nasty pieces of work who dealt high damage and were pretty hard to hit. When Danar realized he probably couldn’t hit them with his disrupt undead spells he used his quick study exploit to switch out a prepared spell with burning hands (a full round action). This unfortunately took so much time that by the time he was ready to cast his two allies had been knocked out. So they totally missed him burning the two skeletons to a crisp with a single spell. Danar then used his two potions of cure light wounds to wake Ruk back up, who then used all his healing to revive Pip.

After that the group got distracted by a display of dead lobster things, wasting a few rounds shooting the tank open. The lobsters were not reanimated.

Then the group fought a small army of eight spiders. During the fight both Pip and Danar were bitten and started suffering strength damage. But the combat ended quickly when Danar killed 6 of the spiders with burning hands and Ruk and Pip both killed one.

After that, Ruk and Danar killed some sleeping undead mermaid type things. The whole group looted the place finding several magical (none of which Danar could identify) and/or valuable items. and decided to rest another night before using the secret passageway they found.

Down in the safehouse, the group encountered a Magic book outsider (Scrivener?). From it they learned that the redactors had invaded the safehouse, killing and/or subdueing the archivists, and were still there. The group ended up having to fight the outsider becuase it was loyal to the redactors. It was a tough fight Danar hit the thing with 3 burning hands to take it down. In that room the group found more magical (none of which Danar could identify) and/or valuable items.

Episode XV - Camp activities include hiking, swimming, and karate

After resting up at the tavern the group (sans Pip the Investigator) decided to re-investigate some of the buildings that got burned down the during the start of the martial law. One of which was the burned down tavern on the waterfront. Investigations into this building would be a tad bit difficult since the tavern was now underwater and none of us knew how to swim.

A simple solution presented itself, Danar the Arcanist could cast touch of the sea and air bubble upon himself and quickly investigate the submerged building. The only problem with this plan was that he knew neither spell, which meant he had to trek all the way to the market, buy the scrolls for these spells, transcribe them to his spellbook, then prepare them for the next day. Because of all of this and some poor planning on the order in which the buildings would be investigated, the group spent a day and a half on the investigation with most of that time spent walking around the city. No major clues were gained though a few things like a bottle of cherry were found.

Disheartened with their search, the group was glad when they were approached by Rexus, who told them that his presumed-dead mother might still be alive and in hiding. The probable hiding spot? Horcum’s fantasmogorium, an abandoned curiosity shop/museum and the location of an archivist safehouse.

The investigation of the fantasmogorium did not go smoothly, upon entry within from the side entrance the group was beset upon a group redactor monks and the most annoying invisible cleric in the history of ever. Thankfully, due to Kalos using a potion effectively and a last second color spray out of Danar that incapacitated the cleric; the group managed to survive, barely.

After that the group interrogated the monks, learning that the cleric left probably undead guards around the building and that the monks claimed to have no knowledge of the hidden safehouse.

Then Danar executed the captive monks and the group took some much needed rest, next to all corpses.

Episode XIV - We Let the Dogs Out

While investigating rumors around the city, Kalos discovers that a recent acquaintance of his, the owner of the Clenchjaw tavern, has been taken by the Chelish Citizen’s League and subjected to the excruciation known as “doghousing.” The other rebels agree that this horror-show must stop and Clenchjaw must be saved.

Again with the new kid in tow, the heroes set out to learn more about the doghousing and set up a little chat with the leader of the Chelish Citizen’s League, Tombos Regegius. After a quick interview with Kalos, Regegius lets slip that the doghousing isn’t sanctioned by either the Mayor or the League. It is the work of a single, if enthusiastic, member of the League.

Knowing that the few members involved in the doghousing will have little backup, the team sets out put a stop to the show being held in Aria Park at the Lilly Pond. Their first objective: to put a stop to the man who started it all.

After tracking him throughout the city, Pip informs the team where they can find the League Sargent who is the ringleader of this little sideshow. Kalos attempts to talk the man out of this horrible idea, but fails. Plan B succeeds, however, when the heroes lure the Sargent into a dark ally and proceed to subdue and then intimidate the man into changing his ways, on pain of death.

With the ringleader dealt with, the only thing left is to rescue Clenchjaw. After a quick fight, the team manages to take down the league members participating in the excruciation and end it for good. They then return to Clenchjaw’s tavern where they rest for the evening after Ruck tends to Clenchjaw’s wounds with magic.

Episode XIII - A trip to the dentist

After a bit of research (and a misleading line of bullshit from Vendlefek the faerie dragon), our heroes learn that the creatures who have been tormenting the tieflings in the Devil’s Nursery and who slaughtered the previous group of rebels are faerie creatures known as Tooth Faeries.

As the team prepares for the next step of their mission, they find a new arrival. A half-orc arcanist by the name of Danar has tracked the rebellion to the Longroad’s Coffeehouse and is doing a little too much snooping. After speaking to him, the rebels decide to allow the new kid to tag along on a few missions to see if he has what it takes to join the Silver Ravens, promising to reveal more in time.

Kalos, Ruck, Pip and the new kid decide it’s high time to end this menace and take a trip back to the Devil’s Nursery. After investigating a few empty apartments, the team find the nest of nasties within an abandoned warehouse. The fight turns out to be a brief one, however, as the new kid uses his magic well and manages to burn quite a few of the little pissers into ash with a few well-placed spells.

With the major threat eliminated, the group takes some time to inspect the area, only to find the desecrated corpse of a young tiefling boy who’s murder either summoned or created the deadly faeries in the first place.

While our heroes suspect foul magic is a play, after exhausting their leads and giving the poor boy a popper burial, the team moves on to other, more important matters.

Episode XII - Mischief in Clenchjaw Tavern

While out collecting supplies, Kalos learns of a disturbing occurrence at Clenchjaw’s Tavern. The rebels head straight there for drinks and reconnaissance. As the day goes by, Clenchjaw suddenly falls over behind the bar. Kalos goes to investigate, leaving Pip and Ruck to deal with a bar fight that broke out simultaneously.

Kalos manages to find the problem: a pesky fairy dragon by the name of Vendalfek. After convincing the nuisance to that he was to be trusted, Kalos awakens the sleeping bar owner.

Meanwhile, Pip hastily climbs onto a table and shouts at the men fighting at the other end of the bar. After tossing empty glasses of beer, Ruck heads over to deal with them more physically. Seeing the cleric’s menacing leer and the falchion strapped to his back, they settle down, much to the tiefling’s satisfaction.

Outside, the rebels regroup and Vendalfek is introduced. The tiny fairy dragon explains, in terms that the rebels find highly doubtful, that he would agree to join their party and provide some helpful information about a certain group of tooth fairies. This information would later be discovered by the rebels as only partially truthful.

Episode XI - An Itsy Bitsy Deal with a Devil

New recruits Ruck and Kalos join the Silver Ravens at our beloved coffee house and discuss the matters at hand. While the newbies are caught up to speed, a swarm of rats suddenly appears, nearly killing our party before their adventures have a chance to begin. Thankfully, Rexus Victacora arrived in time to delay the slaughter long enough to reveal a previously invisible imp that had brought on the swarm.

After defeating the imp, named Blosodriette, our rebels recover, contain her in a cage, then question what she knows. According to her, she is bound by a contract signed long ago, which Pip Marwell and the now deceased rebels had recently seized after a previous battle. As Kalos attempts to shred the document, Ruck cleaves the demon in two, leaving the Half-Orc with a souvenir. The contract is filed away, along with a signet ring belonging to house Sarini.

Episodes IV through X - Dark Times

A dark time befell our brave rebels in which many died, but new heroes arose to the challenge. Alas, the Silver Ravens refuse to talk about this period in their history so little is known about the actual events that occurred.

Episode III - There's no place like HQ

After returning to the Longroad’s Coffee House to count their earnings and plot their next move, the party’s thoughts turn to a place to store their newly found silver raven figurines and act as a headquarters for their newly formed rebellion.

A quick chat with the propriatrix of the coffee house, Laria offers the use of the secret base beneath her establishment for the rebellion’s use. There’s just one catch: Laria recently loaned the space to a friend of hers who she has not seen in some time. If we can clear out the base of any invaders and find out what happened to her friend, the space is all ours.

After descending into yet another dilapidated safe house, the party encounters the most dangerous of the HQs residents, an albino crocodile who has moved in from the attached storm drains. Cheshire successfully lures the crocodile out of the water with a few well-placed arrows, only to become its first victim. After taking down the sorcerer and the investigator as well, it looked as though our rebellion might be over before it really began. However, the timely intervention of the arcanist Nosferatu and his celestial eagle saved the party from a very deadly encounter (MURICA!).

After resting and using fiendish magic to heal their wounds, the part once more descends into the secret base beneath the coffee house. They soon encounter a dire corby who flies into a rage and attacks, but is overcome as well as a group of Tengu sisters who were awaiting being smuggled out of Kintargo when martial law was declared.

With a few well spoken words and a promise to find a way to liberate the Tengu sisters and protect them from their old owners, the Fushi sisters Korva, Jay, Magi and Treep join the rebellion as our first team of special operatives.

Episode II - Rise of the Shit-dolphin

After a quick shopping trip to pick up a few supplies, the part proceeds to escort Rexus to the ruins of the Fair Fortune Livery – the site of an old Silver Ravens secret base. After (unsuccessfully) attempting to force open a stuck door for nearly two minutes, the party retreats to the sounds of dogs barking within the building.

Deciding to use their own failed break-in as a cover, the group hops the fence and proceeds to the front doors, where the chain holding the doors shut proves no trouble to pick. Now alerted to the presence of intruders, a pack of feral dogs attacks the party, only to be quickly dispatched.

While searching the livery for any signs of a secret entrance or any valuables left behind, the party encounters strange magic, leading them to briefly believe that the livery may be haunted. The party manages to spot a small, humanoid creature in the rafters – the source of the strange magic.

After a short search, the part descends into the secret base, only to find a nest of dire rats and the living space of the tiny gremlins who have taken residence in the building. Surviving a most disgusting encounter with the grease flinging, vomit spewing gremlins, the part eventually makes locates a cistern of sorts, filled with a brown, shit-like slurry. Lounging within this filth, were two least devils: Lemures. With the help of a summoned celestial dolphin summoned into the slurry, the part manages to overcome the lemures and eventually find the cache hidden within the base by the late Silver Ravens.

Episode I - A Rebel is Born

Our adventure begins outside of the Kintargo Oprah House in Aria Park. A crowd has gathered to protest the rule of Kintargo’s new Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune. While Cheshire and Pip search the crowd for the contact which drew them here, Kelathos takes the lay of the land before riling up the crowd. Meanwhile, the secretive Zenko silences a few of the more “undesirable” factions through the judicious use of a few rumors and lies.

Before the crowd can turn really ugly, Barzillai deigns to address them and levy his 8th and possibly most restrictive proclamation yet. Predictably, the protesters respond by flinging shit a Barzillai before he unleashes his guard to kill or disperse the crowd, whichever floats their boat.

Taking advantage of the call to violence, members of the Chelish Citizens Group throw off their disguises and proceed to attack the protesters. Stepping up to protect the innocents, the adventurers manage to make short work of the thugs from the CCG before being taken down by a few lucky shots from the Dottari.

Though the adventurers were taken prisoner, they quickly made their escape thanks to Kelathos’ magic and a guard’s glass jaw. After searching for three days, the group was no closer to finding the secretive Silver Ravens they sought, but luck was on their side as they were soon approached in the Five Fingered Prawn by their contact Rexus Victocora.

Victocora explained that his family estate was recently destroyed during the Night of Ashes, where he discovered that his mother was the leader of the Sacred Order of Archivists. He now seeks to restore the Silver Ravens with the help of our adventurers and has given us the location of an old Silver Ravens hide-out.


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