Hell's Rebels

Episode I - A Rebel is Born

Our adventure begins outside of the Kintargo Oprah House in Aria Park. A crowd has gathered to protest the rule of Kintargo’s new Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune. While Cheshire and Pip search the crowd for the contact which drew them here, Kelathos takes the lay of the land before riling up the crowd. Meanwhile, the secretive Zenko silences a few of the more “undesirable” factions through the judicious use of a few rumors and lies.

Before the crowd can turn really ugly, Barzillai deigns to address them and levy his 8th and possibly most restrictive proclamation yet. Predictably, the protesters respond by flinging shit a Barzillai before he unleashes his guard to kill or disperse the crowd, whichever floats their boat.

Taking advantage of the call to violence, members of the Chelish Citizens Group throw off their disguises and proceed to attack the protesters. Stepping up to protect the innocents, the adventurers manage to make short work of the thugs from the CCG before being taken down by a few lucky shots from the Dottari.

Though the adventurers were taken prisoner, they quickly made their escape thanks to Kelathos’ magic and a guard’s glass jaw. After searching for three days, the group was no closer to finding the secretive Silver Ravens they sought, but luck was on their side as they were soon approached in the Five Fingered Prawn by their contact Rexus Victocora.

Victocora explained that his family estate was recently destroyed during the Night of Ashes, where he discovered that his mother was the leader of the Sacred Order of Archivists. He now seeks to restore the Silver Ravens with the help of our adventurers and has given us the location of an old Silver Ravens hide-out.

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