Archducy of Ravounel

Stretching south to the Menador Mountains, east to Nidal, and west to the furthest extent of Ravounel Forest, this region is lightly settled and relatively safe, self-sufficient, and civilized.

Deepmar: Originally the site of a mining colony, Deepmar serves Cheliax as a remote penal colony.

Dismal Nitch: Treacherous reefs and rumors of haunted waters keep this stretch of desolate coastline relatively unvisited by travelers.

Katharevousa River: The steep banks of the Katharevousa are unsuited for settlements, but the river itself boasts fine fishing.

Menador Foothills: Silver is the greatest resource of the Menador foothills, but tribes of kobolds, troglodytes, and the odd clutch of drakes make portions of the hills dangerous to work within.

Menador Gap: This pass in the Menador Mountains provides the largest land route between Ravounel and the rest of Cheliax.

North Plains: The border with Nidal consists of rolling hills and grassy plains are primarily settled by halfling and human farmers.

Ravounel Forest: It is from this primal woodland that Ravounel takes its name. Few dwell near the mysterious wood, due to its dangerous reputation, with rumors of tribes of strix, Rovagug cultists, and malicious fey guardians comprising the most oft-repeated whispers of the region.

Vyre: Ravounel’s largest settlement is located on the eastern shoreline of a rocky island. This free city is a place where anyone can go to unwind and relax in an anonymous environment; it remains popular among government officials as a place to retreat and enjoy the city’s often scandalous—and sometimes dangerous—entertainments.

Vyre Island: The city of Vyre is the only settlement of note on this relatively inhospitable isle. Most of the isle’s barren interior is uninhabited save by wild beasts of the mundane and magical variety, a few tribes of bickering kobolds, several bugbear clans, and (if rumors are correct) at least one hidden cabal of faceless stalkers. Though many attempts to mine the rugged hills have been made, most of these mines are now abandoned and infested with monsters.

Yolubilis River: Ravounel’s largest river, the banks of the Yolubilis host most of the region’s smaller settlements.

Archducy of Ravounel

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