Important People, Places and Things


Thrune.jpgBarzillai Thrune: Current Lord-Mayor of Kintargo and all-around mint-hating bastard. A worshiper of Asmodeus and member of House Thrune, Barzillai took power at the same time as the previous Lord-Mayer went missing.

JiliaBainilus.jpgJilia Bainilus: The previous Lord-Mayor of Kintargo. Her whereabouts are unknown; rumors hold that she fled the city near the time of the Night of Ashes. Before her replacement, she had a reputation for pragmatic leniency over her subjects. She is also known as a sharp political thinker and staunch libertarian.

Rexus.jpgRexus Victocora: Dubious member of the Sacred Order of Archivists and our current benefactor. His family was killed and his home burned during the recent Night of Ashes.

Shensen.pngShensen: Owner of the Silver Star, rumored to be a secret Sarenite shrine destroyed during the Night of Ashes. Little is know about her by the group, except that she is a well-known opera singer who has recently spoken up against House Thrune’s rule. She has not been seen since the Night of Ashes. Possibly Cheshire’s birth mother.

Laria.jpgLaria Longroad: Halfling owner of the Longroad’s Coffee House. Once a member of the Sacred Order of Archivists and friend to Rexus Victocora’s late mother. She is currently allowing us to use the secret base underneath her coffee house as a headquarters for the nascent rebellion.

korva.gifKorva Fushi Eldest of the Fushi sisters, Korva leads her sisters as special operatives of the new Silver Ravens. Smuggled into Kintargo by Nan Comerivos, Korva and her sisters are running from their previous owner but were trapped in Kintargo by the onset of martial law. The sisters have addopted a dire corby they named Chough thinking she was also a Tengu. Unfortunately, Chough has proved unstable and managed to kill Nan, stranding the sisters in a hidden base under the city.

Lictor_Octavio_Sabinus.jpgLictor Octavio Sabinus Leader of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent, based in Kintargo. Is sought by the Dotari as the Order of the Torrent was disbanded based on ‘alternative facts’ that point to the Order being a front for the Grey Spiders, a previously destroyed guild of thieves.

Setrona_Sabinus.jpegSetrona Sabinus Sister of Octavio and owner of the Tooth and Nail tavern.

Cassius_Sargaeta.jpgCaptain Cassius Sargaeta Captain of the Chelish Navy ship Scourge of Belial. Owes the Silver Ravens a number of favors after they successfully rescued his lover from imprisonment.

Hetamon_Haace.jpgHetamon Haace A tailor and proprietor of The Devil’s Threads in Kintargo, Cheliax, having taken it over from his ailing father Hetawell Haace around 4699 AR at the age of 14. He also secretly operates a cult dedicated to the goddess Milani known as the Rose of Kintargo.


Five-Fingered Prawn: A seedy tavern in the Yolubilis Harbor where Cheshire has set up a dead drop for the PCs to contact him/her.

Fair Fortune Livery: An abandoned farriers and the location of a now-abandoned Silver Ravens hideout.

Silver Star: Shensen’s store and shrine to Sarenrae. Burned to the ground during the Night of Ashes.

Longroad’s Coffee House: A nice coffee shop in the Villagree district. Often used to meet with Rexus. The owner, Laria Longroad has allowed us to use the secret base beneath the coffee house as our secret headquarters.

Tooth and Nail A tavern in the Old Kintargo district run by Setrona Sabinus and often used as a stop over or safehouse by the Silver Ravens.

Important People, Places and Things

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