Hell's Rebels

Episode 32 - Abridged bridge management

With Hetamon safely returned, the group decided that next they should take control of the bridge due to its convenience for moving people around the city. The group organized a sit-down with Ravzee, the leader of a group of Tengu mercenaries who were helping to guard the bridge. But before the meeting the group was attacked by a group of Skinsaw cultists, a troubling omen indicating that other forces were on the move in the city. The cultists were slaughtered with ease.

At the meeting, the group managed to convince Ravzee to switch sides. This meant that taking the bridge would be much easier. With that out of the way, the group assaulted the bridge. All in all, the assorted guards and the cavalier captain proved no big challenge and the group emerged victorious.

With the bridge captured with such ease, the group decided to also take control of the records hall that very same night. Inside the records hall they encountered several guards, an invisible stalker, a sorceress, and maybe a couple of devils (I can’t remember?). None of it was that big of a challenge and the group quickly dealt with them. some note worthy pieces of loot were a set of legend lore scrolls and a book of infinite spells.

With those two areas cleared, the group next turned their sights on the keep. According to rumor, Jackdaw, one of the original Silver Ravens, was being imprisoned there.

Episode 31 - Are you my mommy?
Getting tired of roman numerals

After the events of the Ruby Masquerade. An emergency council meeting was called to order. It was brought to the groups attention that they could start assuming control of various city districts, that Hetamon was missing, and that Barry was making mischief around the city. The group decided that retrieving Hetamon, one of our valued item crafters and a member of the council, was the highest priority.

With the help of Lictor Octavio, the group managed to track Hetamon to the hidden basement of the Silver Star. To reach it, the group took a secret entrance through the sewers. While in the sewers the group encountered large snake thing and some oozes. Once inside the Silver Star, the group encountered the leader of the teifling revolution, who had been charmed. Thanks to a crit from Auros, the group managed to take her down in one round. After which, the group managed to get some intel out of her despite the charm.

In the next room the group found a trio of hags and a witch were preparing to sacrifice Hetamon on a desacrated altar. The group managed to take them down, despite Auros getting dominated and killing Danar. After a quick resurrection, the group returned Hetamon to safety and started preparations to reconsecrate the altar for its sweet healing properties.

Hetamon revealed that the witch was his mother and was indeed a bad lady who was planning nefarious things and that we were right to kill her.

With Hetamon rescued, the group turned their focus to taking back control of the city.

Episode XXX - Killer moves on the dance floor

After some hefty preparations for the Masquerade, the group arrived for the dance in some awesome clothes. Preparations included lots of item crafting, some spell copying, crafting forged invites, and planting a rebellion saboteur inside the masquerades guards. The masquerade was being hosted in the opera house.

Once the masquerade started, the group worked hard to establish useful contacts and identify rivals among the other guests. While most of the group was doing their best to earn masquerade points (not something the characters were aware of, just part of the rules for this event), Edie was spending the points to explore the basement. While down there, Edie discovered some traps, spotted some monsters, looted some treasure, and identified some potential threats.

Meanwhile upstairs, the group had the saboteur disable a switch that would release some cockatrices on the guests, Pytheria won a dance competition (and got a tiara for it), Auros and Portia made conversation, and Danar was doing his best to dance and keep Pytheria buffed so she could dance really well. Also the group uncovered some more rumors from their conversations.

After a night of conversation and dance, Barry gathered the patrons to the dance floor for a big announcement. Barry revealed he was going to lift the curfew, and that he was going to murder all the guests and blame the Silver Ravens. And then the murders began.

Over the course of a minute or two, the Silver Ravens managed to slay all the guards and devils who were attacking the civilians. While a fair number of civilians died, enough survived to spread the news that the Silver Ravens were there to protect civilians, not attack them.

After the civilians were cleared out, the group looted the Opera house, getting some nice loot in the process.

Episode XXIX - A series of strategic retreats

Upon their most recent return to Kintargo, the group was given a suggestion from the council that closing the Menador gap would help the rebellion out. So they decided to do that. unfortunately the first trip out required a retreat due to a flock of wyverns attacking the group.

after needing to revive 2 party members from the dead, the group set out again. this time they reached the gap unscathed but had to retreat from the gap after an unfortunate encounter with the front guards. after licking their wounds, the group formed a better assault strategy and managed to kill all the guards this time.

inside the gap, the group found Johnny, the least of all genies, who recommended some good places to look for loot. They also found some troublesome oozes, some host devils, a nifty torture chamber with some scrolls made of human skin, and a secret gap-destroying-wheel. After evacuating the slaves, the group destroyed the gap and went home.

Arriving home the group found out that the masquerade that had been rumored about for a while now had an official time and date, 13 days from their return. Also, lots of people from a variety of walks of life had been invited. Their were also some key announcements to be made at the masquerade. the group decided to fake some invites and go

Episode XXVIII - Dinner in the City of Masks

The group was heading to Vyre when they were attacked by a Giant Squid and octopus man. They easily dealt with this and then arrived in Vyre.

In Vyre the group paid some local street kids to take them to Molly. Molly was very thankful for the return of her property deeds and arranged the group to meet with the Queen of Delights, one of Vyre’s ruling leaders, at her next banquet.

Preparing for the banquet required new clothes and some nice gifts. Alcohol, porn, and spider themed accessories were recommended gifts.

At the banquet the group did their best to politely eat the exotic foods that were prepared. Their was some extremely spicy food, as well as some invisible stalker meat, and a complex dining contraption. It was a whole ordeal. Also there were all these questions about whats a sin and thoughts on rebellion and such.

All things said and done, The Queen agreed to help the rebellion when it came to the point of open rebellion. Also she brought Pytheria to her bed chambers to thank her for the pornographic sword hilt that Pytheria brought as a gift. Victorious, the group returned to Kintargo

Episode XXVII - Aboloeth hunting and forming the council

Diving down into the depths, the group encountered more scum, an undead shark, and eventually the aboloeth, thanks to some protection from evil, an invisibility purge, and successfully blinding the aboloeth, the group managed to take it down rather quickly once they located the secret room it was hiding. though some members of the group were effected by its mucus. Inside the secret room, the group found some magic items and managed to shut down its the foul magic the aboloeth was using to besiege the sea elves.

The group returned to the village to report their success and were given some rewards. After which they discovered, on their return to kintargo, rumors of Barizilus Thrune was going to hold a masquerade soon. Also that several groups that the rebellion had helped were interested in forming a council to help manage the rebellion.

The first meeting of the council went pretty well. The council ,which included the headmistress of a girls school which had gone on lockdown (which the group was about to try infiltrating in little girl disguises, and were disappointed that they didn’t get to do) a while ago, suggested that the group try to secure more outside aid and that the nearby city of Vyre might be a good place to seek it.

The group agreed, and even had a solid lead to follow in Vyre: Molly Mayapple, the woman his property deeds the group had found in their new headquarters. The group chartered a new boat and headed out.

Episode XXVI - Journey to the abyss

While waiting for the pump to be repaired, the group searched the sub-basement and found a hidden passage in a column. The passage led to the vault which was guarded by a now-dead spider lady. inside the vault the group found a few magic items, and decided to use it as a storage place for some cursed items and an evil kukri.

Also, talking to the watery tarts revealed that their village was under attack from an aboloeth. Spending a few days to ready themselves, the group got on a boat and headed to the village of the sea elves.

When they arrived they were accosted by a dominated village elder, but managed to free him from the control. The Matriarch of the village implored the group to slay the aboloeth and promised the rebellion aid if they did so.

With their affairs in order the group sailed next to the abyss and prepared to dive in after securing the crew due to a “drown yourself” curse in the area.

Episode XXV- Scummy waters

With the new day and new spells the group descended into the flooded subbasement. With danar in the lead, weirdly enough. In the first room the group encountered some Scum, who are evil fish people. After a short fight where we all learned a lot about 3d fighting, the group emerged victorious. In the second room we encountered some shell sentinel, gave us a real run for our money. Barely surviving the fight and with many of us suffering from significant wisdom damage, the group decided that we should temporarily retreat from the sub basement.

some days later, when we had finished recovering, the group ventured back down into the waters. Further exploration revealed a group of watery tarts (sea elves), who were being held prisoner by the scum. The watery tarts had been heading towards Kintargo to seek out the aid of Senshin in the fight against an aboloeth that was plaguing their city. After we released the watery tarts and got them safely upstairs we started exploring farther.

We encountered a few more scum, one of whom was a wizard, in a large room with a submerged pier. we encountered a devilfish in a tunnel leading to the city sewers. we encountered a blubber monster thing in a room that seemed to be an old bathroom, also discovering a machine of some sort near there. Lastly, we fought a drowning devil in a room leading out into the river.

Near the drowning devil the group found writings that told them the name of the location the aboloeth was staying: the drowned eye.

After studying the machine found near the blubber-thing a bit, Danar determined it was meant to pump water out of the sub-basement but that it was broken. The group had hetamon start repairing the machine as they made searched the sub-basement for any unseen treasure in the sub-basement.

Episode XXIV- Sit down, this is an intervention

After returning to the surface, the group discovered that Thrune was planning on holding a public event to thank the silver ravens for their work to benefit the city. fearful that it was a trap and that the group was facing the troubles of treating their newfound addictions. the group decided to send in an illusion of the Silver Raven (Portia) rather than attend themselves.

When the event started, outside the church of Asmodeus, the bells rang five times. no clue if that was important. just taking note that it happened. There was some short speeches. Thrune offered some gifts to the Silver Raven, but because she was an illusion she couldn’t take them.

After the event and we finished treating the addictions, except Kalos’s (he gave into the addiction and is probably still doing drugs somewhere), the group (sans Kalos) went back down into the lucky bones. In the lucky bones the group finished off the last of the cultists got past the xorn room and killed some ghouls in the room leading to the sub basement.

Also while clearing out the base the group found some deeds belonging to Molly Mayapple, a business woman living in Vyre who appears to have been the target of the grey spiders for an extortion scheme using the deeds. unfortunately for the Grey Spiders, they were wiped out before they could do so.

Realizing the sub-basement was flooded and Danar didn’t have his water exploration spells equipped, the group decided to wait until the next day to explore the sub-basement.

Episode XXIII- Don't xorn open inside

The group ventured down into the lucky bones a second time discovering new cultists in the first room. they handled them easily. From there they decided to explore further, and quickly ran into a woman wearing a whore queen mask, and some more cultists. After a short fight that included a ‘find the invisible woman section’ they defeated her. Pythiryia identified the woman as her rival, and as the woman who had hit on Ruk.

In a room adjacent to the fight the group found a scroll and other valuable items.

The group then found a room with a pit containing the corpse of a giant snake and some yellow mold. using Pythiryia’s levitate spell, portia journeyed to the other side to investigate a door on the other side. Inside she found a room with a multitude of colored tiles. Entering the room she was attacked by a xorn, an outsider from the plane of earth, that rose out of the ground. She escaped narrowly with her life.

After healing Portia up, the group found a room with a bunch of ghosts that had died from drug problems. Though they emerged victorious, several members of the group: Auros, Kalos, and Portia, became magically afflicted with drug addictions.

In the last room the group looked at before leaving the base, the group found a small gambling parlor haunted by the ghost of a halfling named Lorelu. Playing some dice against lorelu the group got a map of the base, the way through the xorn room, and the combo needed to go down into the sub-basement.

To rap things up the group took Lorelu’s bones to the surface to help her pass on.


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