Hell's Rebels

Episode XIII - A trip to the dentist

After a bit of research (and a misleading line of bullshit from Vendlefek the faerie dragon), our heroes learn that the creatures who have been tormenting the tieflings in the Devil’s Nursery and who slaughtered the previous group of rebels are faerie creatures known as Tooth Faeries.

As the team prepares for the next step of their mission, they find a new arrival. A half-orc arcanist by the name of Danar has tracked the rebellion to the Longroad’s Coffeehouse and is doing a little too much snooping. After speaking to him, the rebels decide to allow the new kid to tag along on a few missions to see if he has what it takes to join the Silver Ravens, promising to reveal more in time.

Kalos, Ruck, Pip and the new kid decide it’s high time to end this menace and take a trip back to the Devil’s Nursery. After investigating a few empty apartments, the team find the nest of nasties within an abandoned warehouse. The fight turns out to be a brief one, however, as the new kid uses his magic well and manages to burn quite a few of the little pissers into ash with a few well-placed spells.

With the major threat eliminated, the group takes some time to inspect the area, only to find the desecrated corpse of a young tiefling boy who’s murder either summoned or created the deadly faeries in the first place.

While our heroes suspect foul magic is a play, after exhausting their leads and giving the poor boy a popper burial, the team moves on to other, more important matters.



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