Hell's Rebels

Episode XIV - We Let the Dogs Out

While investigating rumors around the city, Kalos discovers that a recent acquaintance of his, the owner of the Clenchjaw tavern, has been taken by the Chelish Citizen’s League and subjected to the excruciation known as “doghousing.” The other rebels agree that this horror-show must stop and Clenchjaw must be saved.

Again with the new kid in tow, the heroes set out to learn more about the doghousing and set up a little chat with the leader of the Chelish Citizen’s League, Tombos Regegius. After a quick interview with Kalos, Regegius lets slip that the doghousing isn’t sanctioned by either the Mayor or the League. It is the work of a single, if enthusiastic, member of the League.

Knowing that the few members involved in the doghousing will have little backup, the team sets out put a stop to the show being held in Aria Park at the Lilly Pond. Their first objective: to put a stop to the man who started it all.

After tracking him throughout the city, Pip informs the team where they can find the League Sargent who is the ringleader of this little sideshow. Kalos attempts to talk the man out of this horrible idea, but fails. Plan B succeeds, however, when the heroes lure the Sargent into a dark ally and proceed to subdue and then intimidate the man into changing his ways, on pain of death.

With the ringleader dealt with, the only thing left is to rescue Clenchjaw. After a quick fight, the team manages to take down the league members participating in the excruciation and end it for good. They then return to Clenchjaw’s tavern where they rest for the evening after Ruck tends to Clenchjaw’s wounds with magic.



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