Hell's Rebels

Episode XXIII- Don't xorn open inside

The group ventured down into the lucky bones a second time discovering new cultists in the first room. they handled them easily. From there they decided to explore further, and quickly ran into a woman wearing a whore queen mask, and some more cultists. After a short fight that included a ‘find the invisible woman section’ they defeated her. Pythiryia identified the woman as her rival, and as the woman who had hit on Ruk.

In a room adjacent to the fight the group found a scroll and other valuable items.

The group then found a room with a pit containing the corpse of a giant snake and some yellow mold. using Pythiryia’s levitate spell, portia journeyed to the other side to investigate a door on the other side. Inside she found a room with a multitude of colored tiles. Entering the room she was attacked by a xorn, an outsider from the plane of earth, that rose out of the ground. She escaped narrowly with her life.

After healing Portia up, the group found a room with a bunch of ghosts that had died from drug problems. Though they emerged victorious, several members of the group: Auros, Kalos, and Portia, became magically afflicted with drug addictions.

In the last room the group looked at before leaving the base, the group found a small gambling parlor haunted by the ghost of a halfling named Lorelu. Playing some dice against lorelu the group got a map of the base, the way through the xorn room, and the combo needed to go down into the sub-basement.

To rap things up the group took Lorelu’s bones to the surface to help her pass on.



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